As our event is SOLD OUT, we are encouraging individuals, groups and organizations to host viewing parties to watch the LiveStream of TEDxGraceStreetWomen. We believe that “ideas worth spreading” is best done when shared in good company. So invite the gang, grab some popcorn and enjoy the TEDxGraceStreetWomen high-definition webcast together. Hosting a viewing party is your opportunity to rally your community and start conversations, applying the talks to this year’s theme: “Showing Up.”


There will be one 30 minute break in the programming at 10:30. At that time, the LiveStream will be offline. The break would be a great opportunity for viewing party hosts to plan activities for their guests. You can lead discussions on the talks or interact with your guests in other creative ways. Contact us at info@tedxgracestreetwomen.com if you are interested in hosting a Viewing Party.

viewing party locations


Join one of these confirmed Viewing Parties to watch our live event with other curious-minded friends.  Free to attend! Show up on Saturday, December 8th, starting at 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.


start organizing your viewing party

What to do

TEDx Viewing Party Rules

  • Parties must be free of charge to an audience of no more than 100 people.
  • TED approves viewing parties of more than 100 people on a case-by-case basis. If you think your party will attract a crowd larger than 100 guests, contact us and we’ll send TED an inquiry on your behalf.

viewing party faqs

What time does the conference start?

The live event will begin at 9 AM EST and run until about 1 PM. Once the schedule and speaker order is finalized, we will post it here. Learn more about our scheduled speakers by visiting our speaker page

When will viewing party locations be listed on this website?

We will post a listing of confirmed/registered viewing parties on this website beginning the week of November 19th.

What is needed to set up the ability to watch the LiveStream?

All you need to watch the webcast of our event is:
* Access to the internet (wifi, ethernet connection to your computer, etc) * Ideally, a large screen TV (or smart TV that is connected to the internet) or the ability to project the webcast from your computer to a blank wall or screen.  We will be posting the webcast link on our home page on the morning of our event on Saturday, December 8th.  Then simply click on the link and watch!

Test in advance of the event.  Test your technology capabilities in advance of 12/8/18.  Try to stream any one of the current live videos from the LiveStream website.  You should have adequate wifi/internet connection and a way to project the view for several people to watch (large screen tv or screen projector.

Who should host a viewing party?

If you are affiliated with an organization, club, publication, or company, you would make a great viewing party host. Your pre-existing network of supporters serves as a great guest list and means of promoting your event. But you don’t have to be an organization or company; anyone with a passion for stories would make a great viewing party host! Individuals are more than welcome to host viewing parties in their homes.

Is there a fee associated with hosting an official viewing party?

Official viewing party hosts do not pay any dues or fees to TEDxGraceStreetWomen or TED and showing the webcast is free of charge.

Do I have to show the whole event?

TEDxGraceStreetWomen will be best viewed in its entirety. Because the event is a live webcast, we realize showing the entire event can prove inconvenient for our hosts on the west coast. If you’re dealing with a significant time difference, don’t worry – you can just show part of the program and still register as an official viewing party. We will post all speaker’s talks on our website after the event, but this may take us a few weeks.