Sheila Battle

Sheila Battle is a speaker, writer, and consultant who is also an alum TEDx speaker. Her talk, “15 Minutes of Grace,” (we see a “grace” theme pattern) at the 2016 TEDxRVA catapulted her as sought-after coach, counselor and mentor in both secular and sacred environments. Her fusion of real-life stories and conversational technique connects with audiences at an intimate, intense, and individual level.

Battle is in the final stages of her first book, “15 Minutes of Grace.” Her personal editorial, “10,000 Pennies: How Much is a Life Worth?,” was published by the Richmond Times Dispatch. Battle is a certified SoulCare Coach and a passionate Human Services advocate who spent 20 years in corporate and government leadership before leaping into full time entrepreneurship. She now serves a roster of personal, corporate and non-profit clients with her husband Frank as a consultant at, “The Battle Station, LLC.”

Spend any amount of quality time with Battle and you’ll soon find yourself wanting to share your deepest thoughts–she is a great listener!