Racial Justice Activist

Dr. Archana Pathak

Born in Bombay, India and raised in the U.S., Dr. Archana A. Pathak is a scholar activist committed to visioning, creating, and sustaining an inclusive and just world. She frames her work around the stories that we tell, and are told, about identity and privilege.

Our era’s conversations about identity, power and privilege challenge the foundation on which so many have built their understanding of the world. Dr. Pathak’s academic and community work addresses and combats racism, religious intolerance/Islamophobia, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia through interfaith and social justice practices. Her integrated approach explores how we can be the change we wish to see in the world by fully exploring the ways in which critical self-reflexivity begins and centers a journey of transformative social change.

She is currently working on a book project titled, “Too Much and Not Enough: On being of the South Asian Indian-American Diaspora.

Dr. Pathak is a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University teaching in the Department of Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies; affiliated with the Department of African American Studies; and the Media, Art & Text Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program. She is also a Senior Faculty Specialist in VCU’s Division for Inclusive Excellence.