Dr. Angie Hilliker

Dr. Angie Hilliker, is an associate professor at the University of Richmond (UR), with a particular interest in the properties of yeast. Hilliker teaches genetics and molecular biology within the Biology Department and the science of brewing for UR’s Beer Brewing Certificate program. Hillliker’s research lab focuses on how cells control their genetic information to make the resources needed for life. She uses yeast as a model for cells because no one complains when you mutate them, but they are surprisingly similar to humans in some ways. Her research with yeast has led to new forays into the science of brewing and winemaking. Her work at the University of Richmond allows her to explore the world through the lens of biology while discovering something new to add to our collective knowledge. Being able to do this research with undergraduates means she is surrounded by enthusiastic learners and helping to shape the next generation of scientific thinkers.

Hilliker earned her B.A. in Biology at Oberlin College and her Ph.D in Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology at the University of Chicago.